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Our Fun, Floral Green Nursery | Green Nursery Ideas for Girls

If you’re looking for green nursery ideas for a girl, check out the floral green bedroom we created for our daughter. Everything was super affordable and it’s a room we all love to be in!

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When I started to design our nursery, I knew three things: I wanted it to be green, I wanted it to be cute, and I wanted it to feel happy. But when I started scouring Pinterest for green nursery ideas, I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Everything was very muted, boho, and neutral — which is 100% fine (and honestly how the majority of our house is), but I wanted this room to feel different.

I wanted our daughter’s nursery to be a fun, happy oasis that, as she got older, she would love to be in.

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shop this photo:

I’m not going to lie to you, friends. When we first picked this paint color, I was a bit apprehensive.

I had brought my husband to the hardware store and gave him free rein to pick any green he wanted for her room.

When he handed me the swatch of Pear Cactus by Glidden, it very much felt like one of those “trust the process” moments and you guys, I actually fell in love with the color! It perfectly exuded the happy, inviting vibes that I was going for.

We ended up just painting the one wall green and then I added these floral daisy wall decals that gave it a cutesy, feminine touch. The decals were SO easy to apply and really elevated the accent wall!

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Adding fun pops of color throughout is what really makes this room energetic and fun! I love how yellow and pink pair with the green wall and by adding small touches of it here and there, it brightens up the space, without looking too chaotic.

This 6-drawer dresser is one of our favorite furniture pieces in the room. It’s super sturdy, was easy to put together (that’s honestly why I bought it), and I love that it’s wide enough to accommodate a changing pad, basket, and wipe holder.

We use her dresser to store clothes, accessories, and extra toiletries.

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This recliner glider is another favorite, as it’s gotten TONS of use over the past year and a half.

This nursery chair, in particular, is not only affordable but is more narrow for a small space. I also love that it has a high back!

While researching nursery chairs, I saw a common issue of the back not being high enough to accommodate an adult leaning back to rest. Considering I’m 5’8″, with a long torso, that was a HUGE red flag for me. Fit-wise, this chair is perfect!

The only downside is that it doesn’t stay fully reclined so you can’t comfortably take a nap in it. I rarely ever reclined the chair in general, so it wasn’t a huge problem for me, but something to be aware of!

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As for nursery organization and toy storage, we love these wide wall bookshelves for the wall and this toy storage bookcase. It surprisingly holds a lot and is at a perfect height for her to grab things out of.

Overall, we absolutely adore our daughter’s room and the vibrancy perfectly matches her personality. I hope that if you came looking for green nursery ideas for your daughter, you are leaving inspired and ready to start designing!

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