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An Honest Alltrue Box Review: Everything You Should Know + What to Expect

2022 UPDATE — In April 2022, Alltrue silently closed its doors with zero communication to its customers. As of July 2022, they have re-opened under new ownership, but my personal experience with them has not been pleasant and I can no longer recommend them as a reputable subscription box.

If you’re looking for a lifestyle subscription box, I highly recommend trying FabFitFun, Beachly, or EMPOWERHER, as I’ve had significantly better experiences with all of those options.

Whether you’ve been looking for a new lifestyle subscription box or have been curious about trying Alltrue (formerly CAUSEBOX), check out my full Alltrue box review that includes everything you need to know about the membership!

So if you know anything about me, you know that I am a huge subscription box junkie and love trying new ones out! I have had my eye on Alltrue for a while now (like back when they were CAUSEBOX) so when I got the chance to review one of their boxes, I was so excited!

If you’ve been wanting to try Alltrue, but haven’t taken the leap, keep reading because I will break down everything you need to know about this lifestyle subscription box from what it costs to what’s inside and more!

*This box was gifted and this post contains commissionable links, but all opinions are completely honest and my own!

An Honest Alltrue Box Review: Everything You Should Know + What to Expect | Basic Housewife

What Is Alltrue?

Alltrue is a quarterly subscription box that focuses on delivering socially conscious products to your door each season.

You may know it by its previous name, Causebox, but don’t worry — it’s the same company, but they wanted a name that better represents their mission.

Each Alltrue box contains 6-8 full-size, ethically-made products ranging from home decor, fashion accessories, kitchenware, skincare, and everything in between.

(What do I mean by socially conscious? From sustainable to fair-trade, Alltrue’s mission is to work with companies that are making a difference. That means you can feel good about your purchase and the companies that you’re backing!)

And no matter your membership level, you’ll get to customize some (or all!) of the items in your box. But more on that coming up…

How Much Does Alltrue Cost?

An Alltrue box starts at $49.95/month and includes $250+ worth of goodies in every box.

This price is super on-par with similar subscription boxes, if not a bit cheaper, so that’s a win!

So there are two different Alltrue memberships that you can choose from.

The membership level that you choose will impact the price of your box and the number of customization options you get each season.

  • As a quarterly member, you pay $54.95/box and get to choose up to three of the products in your box. You are billed quarterly.
  • As an annual member, you pay $49.95/box and get to choose all of the products in your box. You are billed $199.80 once per year.

Shipping is free within the continental US and a $7.95 shipping charge will be applied to residents in Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, and US Territories.

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How Do I Customize My Alltrue Box?

As mentioned above, depending on your membership level, you get to choose some (or all) of the products that you receive each season.

Before each Alltrue box ships, you’ll get access to Box Customization, which means that you get to choose the products that you’ll receive within each choice category.

For example, each choice category will have 2-5 product options and then you get to pick one product from each category to be included in your box. Make sense?

This is great because it allows you to ensure that you’re getting products that you know you’ll use and be excited about!

CAUSEBOX | A Membership That Matters

If you want to see exactly how AllTrue customization works, check out this video below.

Alltrue Membership Perks

As an Alltrue member, you’ll also get access to special perks within the community such as:

Add-On Market: Each season, you’ll have one week to shop 800+ products listed at up to 70% off!

Essentials Shop: This is an always-open market featuring hundreds of household essentials that ship within 2 business days!

What’s Inside An Alltrue Box

Each box includes 6-8 FULL-SIZED products valued at over $250. Products range from home decor, accessories, kitchenware, skincare, and everything in between.

And not only are the products full-sized, but they are also from household names we know and love such as Grown Alchemist, Earth Harbor, Botanica, Henny + Lev, and more!

If you want a look inside of a box, check out my unboxing of the Fall 2021 Alltrue box below.

My Honest Alltrue Box Review: Is It Worth It?

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I am a dedicated FabFitFun member of five years, but I have to say…

I think Alltrue is my new favorite lifestyle subscription box!

Not only is the product quality great, but the customization really makes this box worth it for me.

At under $60/box, the price is super on-par with similar subscription boxes and in my opinion, the products are better. You will EASILY get your money’s worth and anything you don’t use/love — give as gifts!

I especially love that they offer a great variety of products. In my latest box, I received 1 large accessory, 1 small accessory, 2 home good products, and 2 skincare products.

Overall, I was super impressed with the Alltrue box and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new lifestyle subscription box!

Ready to give it a try?

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