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Beachly Beauty Review: Is This Clean Beauty Subscription Box Worth It?

I tried the latest clean beauty subscription box, Beachly Beauty – a subscription box filled with premium beach-inspired products. From what it costs to what you can expect in a box, check out my Beachly Beauty review to see if it’s right for you!

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Beachly Beauty Review: Is The Beauty Subscription Box Worth It? | Basic Housewife

If you didn’t already know, I’m a huge fan of monthly and quarterly subscription boxes and love trying out new ones! I just love the thrill of receiving a package at your doorstep and not knowing what’s inside.

What Is Beachly Beauty?

Beachly Beauty is a clean beauty subscription box that features premium beach-inspired products ranging from skincare, haircare, and more!

Beachly also offers a quarterly subscription box filled with beach-inspired goodies including home decor, skincare, apparel, and more! You can check out my review of the Beachly lifestyle box here >>

What’s Inside a Beachly Beauty Box?

Each box includes 4-6 full-sized clean beauty products that are cruelty-free and valued at over $75! You can expect items such as facial cleansers, lip balms, hair masks, moisturizers, bath soaks, and so much more!

Because Beachly is a beach-inspired brand, you can expect that all products are perfect for those who like to spend time outdoors or in the sun.

What's Inside a Beachly Beauty Box and Is The Beauty Subscription Box Worth It? | Basic Housewife

Does It include Use Clean Beauty Products?

Yes! Beachly only includes full-sized products that are clean and cruelty-free!

How Much is Beachly Beauty?

A Beachly Beauty membership costs $29/box. Each box includes products that are valued at over $75 retail.

Is There A Shipping Cost?

Each box costs $2.99 to ship, but your first box ships free!

Can I Skip a Month?

Yes! If you are on a budget or just need a break, you can skip a month! Just make sure to skip before the 5th of the month — that’s when all memberships renew and once you’ve been charged, you won’t be able to skip or cancel.

My Honest Thoughts on The Beauty Subscription Box

Overall, I really enjoyed the Beachly Beauty box and loved that the products are so practical for everyday use. Compared to a lot of other subscription beauty boxes, I feel like I end up with a bunch of products that are either super niche or in colors that I would never use.

I also love that all of the items are full-sized and are all clean, vegan beauty products!

However, while the box does seem a little spendy to me (at least in comparison to some competitors), vegan beauty products are naturally more expensive, and considering you’re saving $40+ on retail prices, it’s actually a great deal!

I also wish that the products could be more personalized to your wants/needs. At the moment, all customers receive the same set of 4-6 products, but the company is still super new, so this could be something they implement in the future!

Would I get a Beachly Beauty box monthly? Probably not every month, but I would definitely get it again!

An Honest Review of the Beachly Beauty Box | Basic Housewife

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Check Out The Quarterly Beachly Lifestyle Box

Beachly is a quarterly subscription box filled with beach-inspired goodies. From apparel to accessories, each box includes 6-8 items valued at $250 or more!

And even though Beachly is a beach-inspired box, it’s also perfect for people who enjoy spending weekends at their cabin on the lake or days sitting poolside.

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