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The Best Home Gym Essentials for a Small Space

Are you looking for the best home gym essentials for a small space? Whether you’re looking for exercise equipment for your garage gym, basement gym, or to even fit in a closet, these 20+ home gym essentials are a must-have!

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The Best Home Gym Essentials for a Small Space | The Basic Housewife

I’ve never been much of a gym rat. The whole process of driving to a gym, working out around a ton of people, and paying for a monthly membership just doesn’t do it for me.

Instead, I like to wake up, throw on a pair of leggings (who gives a shit if they’re squat-proof since the only one seeing my butt is me!), and walk into my “gym”.

So we decided to turn one of our spare bedrooms into a dedicated workout area so I want to show YOU my favorite home gym essentials for a small space.

20+ Best Home Gym Essentials For Your Next Workout

Whether you have the ability to dedicate an entire room or even just a small closet, you will be able to get the best workout possible FROM HOME with this exercise equipment.

Whether you’re into cardio, weights, jumping, etc —  you’ll definitely want to consider adding these home gym essentials. And the best part? They take up little to no space!

An Aerobic Step Platform – Although these might make you think of terribly cheesy 80’s aerobic videos, these steppers are actually fantastic for getting in a quick fat-blasting cardio session! Shop step platforms here.

Aerobic Step Platform | The Best Home Gym Essentials for a Small Space

A Stability and Exercise Ball – A lot of people just associate exercise balls with ab workouts, but my gosh you guys, there is SO much more that can be done with these! You can work out everything from your core, arms, back, and legs — all with a magical little ball. Shop this exercise ball here.

Resistant Loop Bands – This is my absolute favorite way to get a nice, easy (except for they actually do NOT make working out easy) way to get a good, deep burn FOR CHEAP. Shop resistance loop bands here.

Resistance loop bands for your home gym essentials

A Foam Roller – It’s one of those things that you don’t realize you need until you try it. Foam rollers are a great way to de-stress and recover your muscles after a workout or when you’re feeling sore. Shop foam rollers here.

Core Sliders – I have such a love/hate relationship with these things. Core sliders are great for getting in a good ab and arm workout. Shop core sliders here.

Core sliders for your home gym essentials

Dumbbells – This is such an obvious item that I almost didn’t want to add it, but it’s SUCH an essential, it couldn’t not be a part of this list. Shop dumbells here.

Resistance Cross-Training Bands – Ready to get in the ultimate workout? There are TONS of ways to use these resistance training bands to work your arms, legs, butt, core, back, and everything in between. Shop this set of training bands.

resistance cross-training bands

A Weighted Jump Rope – I’m obsessed with jumping rope when I need a quick cardio boost. It’s an easy, fast, and affordable way to get in a good sweat! AND it takes up like no space. Shop this highly rated jump rope.

Exercise Dice – This is such a fun idea, especially if you often wonder what exercises you should be doing next! The exercises on these dice don’t require equipment so you can do a full workout with just bodyweight. Shop these exercise dice here.

 HIIT Workout Dice Game | The Best Home Gym Essentials for a Small Space

Thick Exercise Mat – So if you just have a regular ol’ yoga mat…I can tell you right now, that’s just not going to cut it. These thick-cut exercise mats provide the perfect amount of cushion for core work, floor moves, and any other moves it might be necessary for. Shop exercise mats here.

Resistance Band Set with Grip Handles – If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to get in a total-body workout, this resistance band set is the perfect option and you can stack the bands to get up to 70lbs of resistance! Shop this resistance band set here.

resistance band set for home gym essentials

A Timer – Seems unnecessary, I know, but I needed to figure out a solution that didn’t involve me using my phone’s timer (notifications are too distracting!) or staring at a clock during intervals. These cube timers come with different pre-set times so you can purchase the one that works best for your workouts! Shop this interval timer here.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – If you love to work out while listening to music, I would highly recommend these! Especially if you workout with a partner who only listens to 90’s punk rock and insists on blasting it over the speakers. Shop these VERY highly rated headphones here.

Bluetooth Headphones | The Best Home Gym Essentials for a Small Space

Silicone Wedding Rings – I personally hate working out with my ring, especially when I do a lot of weight lifting. Silicone rings are a great solution! Not only do they come in handy at the gym, but I wear them while traveling when swimming, and anytime I do any labor-heavy activity.

Shop female rings here.
Shop male rings here.

Balance Discs – These are fantastic when you want to step up your workout game and are a cheaper investment than a Boku Ball. You can use them to do squats, planks, push-ups, and so much more! Shop balance discs here.

Balance Disc | The Best Home Gym Essentials for a Small Space

A Medicine Ball – Similar to a dumbbell or kettlebell but holding the grip on a medicine ball allows you to work different muscles because of the different range of motion. Shop medicine balls here.

A Mini Stepper – It’s like a portable version of a stair-master! These mini step machines are great for a cardio session in a small space! Shop this highly rated mini stepper here.

Portable Stepper | The Best Home Gym Essentials for a Small Space

Foam Floor Mats – Depending on the type of surface you have at home, you might want to get some floor mats for added cushion. Not only is the added support good for your joints, but good in case you drop a weight! Shop foam floor mats here.

Sandbag – This weightlifting sandbag is perfect for beginner athletes and seasoned bodybuilders. It features 4 inner bags, which you can fill with up to 40lbs of sand. Shop this sandbag here.

Sandbag for your home gym essentials

Over-The-Door Pull-Up Bar – This portable pull-up bar system is perfect for getting in a great workout at home and takes up little to no space. Shop this highly-rated pull-up bar here.

A Kettlebell – I honestly prefer kettlebells over dumbells. I love that you can use them in so many different ways and they have a comfortable grip! Shop this all-in-one adjustable kettlebell here.

Adjustable kettlebell for your home gym essentials.

Ab Roller Wheel – These things are no joke and are a great way to work on toning your core! Shop this highly rated ab wheel here.

A Portable Home Gym – If you’re willing to invest, this thing is COOL and well-rated. It allows you to work your arms, core, legs and offers up to 25 pounds of resistance. Shop this portable home gym here.

Portable Home Gym | The Best Home Gym Essentials for a Small Space

3 Tips To Keep In Mind For Your Home Gym

  1. Keep the temperature controlled. Make sure you create your home gym in a space that either has windows, space for a fan, air conditioning, etc. You want to make sure that you’re going to get plenty of air flow in your workout space.
  2. Have water within reach. Since our gym is out in the garage, we added a mini fridge (like one of those tiny square dorm ones) and keep bottles of water in there in case we forget to bring our own. Whether you do that, get a Culligan water dispenser, or are close to a sink, make sure you stay hydrated!
  3. Search sale sites for big ticket items. We found our floor mats and giant mirrors for SUPER cheap on sites like Craigslist and the Facebook marketplace. If you’re looking for cardio equipment, this would be a great place to start!

Home Gym Inspiration

Ready to start creating your very own home gym? What are some of the best home gym essentials that are at the top of your list? Where are you finding space for your gym? Seriously, I want to know ALL the details so drop a comment below and tell me about it!