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Get Organized With These Life-Changing Pantry Storage Ideas

Looking for the best pantry storage ideas to get your kitchen space organized? Check out this list of must-have, affordable pantry containers.

Pantry Storage Ideas

Do you feel stressed every time you open your pantry doors? Do you end up wasting tons of food because of your lack of organization?

There are so many affordable kitchen organization solutions out there so there’s really no excuse for not having a well-organized pantry.

Whether you’ve set a New Year resolution to get more organized, are in full spring cleaning mode, or just looking to refresh your space, it’s time your pantry got a full-blown makeover!

Below, you’ll find some of the best of the best pantry storage ideas to get your kitchen organization in-check.

15+ Pantry Storage Ideas Your Kitchen Needs

From pantry containers to shelving, check out this list of pantry storage ideas that are perfect for getting your kitchen organized!

Airtight Food Containers

Airtight food containers for your pantry organization.

This 15 piece set of airtight food containers are perfect for all of your dry goods such as rice, pasta, snacks, cereal, and more. Labels are also included!

Check out this set of food containers here >>

Plastic Organizers

Plastic pantry containers to get your kitchen organized.

This set of 8 plastic organizers are perfect for your pantry, fridge, or freezer. They are perfect for cans, fresh foods, boxed dry food, and more!

Check out this set of pantry organizers here >>

Stackable Can Rack

A stackable can rack for your pantry organization.

This stackable can rack can hold up to 26 cans and includes dividers to keep your cans in place. This is a must-have if you like to stock up on soups, canned veggies, sauces, and more.

Check out this stackable can rack here >>

Stackable Storage Bins

Stackable plastic bins for pantry storage.

These stackable storage bins are perfect if you are looking for a space-saving solution for your pantry.

Check out these stackable bins here >>

Food Packet Bins

Organize your pantry with these plastic food packet bins.

This set of small bins are perfect for storing your teas, spice packets, hot chocolate packets, and more!

Check out this set of food packet bins here >>

Stackable Food Baskets

Farmhouse kitchen storage for your pantry organization.

Perfect for your pantry or countertop, these stackable food baskets are great for your fresh produce. I also love their farmhouse feel!

Check out these stackable food baskets here >>

Lazy Susan Snack Organizer

A lazy susan snack organizer for your kitchen organization.

Perfect for storing your small snack packs, this 3-compartment lazy susan is a must-have for any pantry! There are also tiered options available.

Check out this lazy Susan snack organizer >>

Can Drink Storage Bins

Can drink storage bins.

Store up to 9 cans in these handy-dandy drink storage bins that are perfect for your fridge or pantry.

Check out these drink storage bins here >>

Under-Shelf Basket

Under shelf baskets for pantry organization.

I have a couple of these under-shelf baskets and I absolutely love them. You can use them to store your kitchen wraps, ziplocs, bread, and more!

Check out this set of under-shelf baskets here >>

Kitchen Wrap Organizer

Kitchen wrap organizer for pantry storage solutions.

This 3-tier kitchen wrap organizer is such a handy storage solution for your kitchen! You can store your foil, wax paper, plastic wrap, and more!

Check out this kitchen wrap organizer here >>

Over-the-Door Rack Organizer

Over the door rack organizer for kitchen or pantry storage.

I have a couple of these over-the-door pantry racks and it is an absolute must-have if your pantry has a full-length door. You can adjust each shelf to accommodate different heights and you can store everything from drinks, cans, jars, boxes, and more.

Check out this over-the-door pantry rack here >>

Wire Baskets

Wire produce baskets for pantry organization.

I love wire baskets for pantries because they are easy to see what’s in them and you’re less likely to waste food! These are great for storing boxed foods, breads, or produce like potatoes and onions.

Check out these wire baskets here >>

Food Container Lid Organizer

Lid organizer for food containers.

How many of you are consistently misplacing food container lids? This is Amazon’s top-rated lid organizer and is a must-have for your pantry!

Check out this lid organizer here >>

Tiered Shelf Organizer

Tiered shelf organizer for spices or canned goods.

This tiered shelf organizer is for storing your spices, canned goods, sauces, and more. The tiers allow you to see everything so food doesn’t get lost in the back of your cabinet.

Check out this tiered shelf organizer here >>

Water Bottle Storage

Water bottle storage rack.

If you’re like me, you have 900 water bottles and storing them can be a total pain. This water bottle organizer is a great space-saving solution.

Check out this water bottle organizer here >>

Pantry Shelf

Shelf stand for pantry organization.

These pantry shelves are a great way to take full advantage of your space. Whether you are using them for dishes or to stack food, they are a great kitchen organization solution.

Check out this pantry shelf here >>