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An Honest BootayBag Review: The Latest Underwear Subscription The Internet is Raving About

Have you been curious to try the latest underwear subscription for women that not only has taken over the internet, but landed a deal on Shark Tank as well? As someone who’s picky about their undies, check out my full BootayBag review below.

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An Honest BootayBag Review: The Latest Underwear Subscription The Internet is Raving About

Let’s be honest — shopping for underwear SUCKS. Maybe you don’t agree, but for me, it’s definitely higher than jeans on the hierarchy of things I hate shopping for.

So when I heard about BootayBag, a monthly underwear subscription, I thought, ‘No more having to shop for underwear?’ ‘No more having to guess on sizes?’ My interest was definitely piqued!

But I can’t lie. I was hesitant. Because when it comes to underwear, I am super picky. Like, super-duper picky and kinda basic. I only really like certain fabrics, I shy away from anything bright, and I don’t go for a lot of frill.

But, I was hearing more and more about this underwear subscription and after BootayBag’s secured a deal on SharkTank (one of my favorite shows) I knew it was a sign that I had to try it out.

BootayBag Q&A

BootayBag is a monthly panty subscription that sends you 2-4 pairs of undies each month.

It’s a super straightforward service, but let’s get into some of the nitty-gritty details below.

What’s Inside a BootayBag?

Depending on what subscription you get, your BootayBag will include 1-4 pairs of undies in each month’s bag.

When you first sign up, you only get the option of selecting 1 or 2 pairs, but once you are a member, you get the option of adding more!

You also get to choose what style of undies you want. You can choose between “Always Thong”, “Never Thong”, or “Mix It Up.”

BootayBag: The Monthly Underwear Subscription

How Much Is BootayBag?

This underwear subscription ranges from $10-$20 and includes 1-4 pairs depending on your subscription.

Can I Change My Preferences Once I’m Signed Up?

You can! BootayBags makes it super flexible so that you can adjust your panty subscription on a month-to-month basis.

For instance, if one month you only want one pair versus two, you can swap out your quantities.

Or if the next month you want “Always Thong” instead of “Mix it Up”, you edit your style preferences and sizing.

Can I Skip My BootayBag?

Yes! They make it super easy to skip, but if you’d rather just change your style, size, or quantity preferences, you can do that too!

Is BootayBag Customizable?

Each month, BootayBag designers produce two thong styles, two cheeky/bikini styles, and one (or two!) bralettes. So the “customization” comes into play depending on your style preferences.

On the first of each month, BootayBag posts details of the monthly collection and bag types on their Instagram. That way, you can see the new styles and make any updates to your membership before the 14th.

BootayBag Unboxing

Watch the video below to see my unboxing of the October 2020 BootayBag.

Pros & Cons of this Underwear Subscription Service

As a whole, I really liked this underwear subscription and for the price, I think it’s totally worth trying if it’s something you’re interested in.

Click here and use the promo code BB10 to save 10% when you order your first bag!

Like I said earlier, I am VERY picky about the style of undies I wear and although I don’t think I’ll order a bag every month, I definitely plan to keep my subscription to see what new styles they offer.

Pros of the BootayBag Panty Subscription:

  • The ease and convenience can’t be beat. Especially for those of us who hate underwear shopping.
  • The styles are mature and chic. I looked at some comparable panty subscriptions and the styles were just too colorful and not my vibe. I like that BootayBag’s designs are mature, yet stylish.
  • The sizing seemed very true-to-size. I ordered my regular undie size and the pairs I received fit perfectly!
  • The membership flexibility is great! I love love love that I can adjust my membership on a monthly basis, based on the preferences or quantities that I want.
  • They offer a great rewards system. You can earn points by making purchases, referring friends, and so forth. Those points earn you $$ off future orders, which is a really nice feature!

Cons of the BootayBag Panty Subscription:

  • The styles were not super practical (for me). Like I mentioned before, I don’t like a lot of frill and the two pairs I received had ruffles, which in my over-practical mind I’m like — how are those going to fit nicely into jeans or leggings!? But looking at past and future styles, there are tons of designs that don’t have that, so that’s good!
  • The pricing is a bit higher compared to competitors. You can get similar services for about $5 cheaper, but again, I way prefer the designs that BootayBag produces so I will pay the extra $5 to get pairs that I’ll actually like.

Save 10% On Your First Order

Ready to try BootayBag for yourself? If you love getting new, super cute undies on a regular basis, this underwear subscription is totally for you!

Click here and use the promo code BB10 to save 10% when you order your first bag!

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