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25+ Housewarming Gifts for Friends That They’ll Actually Use

Looking for the best housewarming gifts for friends that are both fun and practical? Check out this list of 25+ gift ideas for new homeowners!

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25+ Housewarming Gifts for Friends That They'll Actually Use | Basic Housewife

If you know someone who recently bought a new home and you’re looking for housewarming gift ideas that they’ll actually enjoy, you’ve come to the right place!

Buying a home can be an overwhelming process. It takes a lot of money and even more patience, so that’s why we should treat our friends to a little somethin’ somethin’ when they find their new home!

From fun to practical, this list of housewarming gifts for friends has a little something for every household!

Useful Housewarming Gifts for Friends

Charcuterie Board Set |

Charcuterie Board Set

Perfect for friends who love to entertain, this charcuterie board is the real deal and comes with a variety of cheese knives and bowls for small apps or dips!

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Movie Night Popcorn Set |

Movie Night Popcorn Set

Pair this fun movie night popcorn set with a Amazon Prime Video gift card (so they can rent a movie or two) and you’ve got yourself the perfect housewarming gift for friends!

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Couple's Bucket List Card Set |

Couple’s Bucket List Card Set

For the adventurers at heart, this couple’s bucket list set is a fun housewarming gift idea that will help create tons of memories down the road.

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Personalized Cutting Board |

Personalized Cutting Board

Whether for functionality or decor, these personalized cutting boards a stunning and will make for a unique housewarming gift that your friends will cherish!

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Wine Country Gift Baskets |

Wine Country Gift Baskets

Pair with a bottle (or two!) of wine and this basket makes for the perfect housewarming gift idea! Filled with tons of goodies, they’ll love snacking on these while sipping a glass of wine in their new home.

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Potted Snake Plant |

Potted Snake Plant

Plants are always a welcomed gift for new homeowners, but the joy of a snake plant? They are super easy to keep alive! This plant (yes, it’s real!) comes pre-potted and will help bring some fresh life into their new space.

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Funny Kitchen Towels |

Funny Kitchen Towels

For the new homeowners that don’t take life too seriously, this set of funny kitchen towels is a must-have! Not only are they practical, but they’ll make great conversation starters in the kitchen!

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Cordless Screwdriver Kit |

Cordless Screwdriver Kit

It’s a tool that so many new homeowners don’t have and will definitely make life a lot easier as they put together furniture, hang decor, etc. It’s one of those things that a lot of homeowners don’t realize they need until they have one!

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Monogram Cork Holder |

Monogram Cork Holder

Perfect for your wine-loving friends or family members, this monogram cork holder will be a decorative addition to their home and they’ll have a fun time filling it up!

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Amazon Gift Card |

Amazon Gift Card

What better housewarming gift than the gift of letting them buy whatever they want!? With Amazon being the hub for…well…everything, they are sure to find some goodies for their new home!

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Everyday Dinners’ Cookbook

Everyday Dinners' Cookbook |

Everyday Dinners Cookbook

For the new homeowners who love to cook, this Everyday Dinners cookbook is a must-have and is filled with delicious recipes that will quickly become household favorites. Pair this with a cute bottle of olive oil or wooden spoons and you’ve got a great gift!

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World Coffee Gift Set |

World Coffee Gift Set

This gift set is a unique housewarming gift idea for coffee lovers! You could even throw in a few coffee syrups to spice up their morning routine.

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   New Home Candle |

New Home Candle

Everyone loves the scent of a fresh, new candle and this one specifically is perfect for hew homeowners!

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Cordless Wine Opener & Chiller |

Cordless Wine Opener & Chiller

Pair with a bottle of wine or some new wine glasses and this cordless wine opener & chiller set makes for the perfect housewarming gift idea!

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Coffee Mug Set |

Coffee Mug Set

This cute coffee mug set for couples is such a fun, lighthearted gift idea for new homeowners!

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Monogram Metal Sign |

Monogram Metal Sign

Perfect for indoors or outdoors, this monogram metal sign will make a stunning addition to any new home.

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Textured Throw Blanket |

Textured Throw Blanket

You can never go wrong with gifting a new homeowner a cozy throw blanket! Just make sure to either know their general color scheme or get something neutral enough that it could do with any decor style!

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Standing Plant Terrarium |

Standing Plant Terrarium

This simple little standing terrarium is such a sweet gift for anyone who enjoys a touch of greenery in their home! It’s easy to maintain and makes a gorgeous decorative piece!

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Chocolate Gift Basket |

Chocolate Gift Basket

Treats are always a great choice for gifting! You could pair this box of chocolates with a bottle of their favorite wine so they can indulge after all the unpacking is done!

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Mixology Bartender Kit |

Mixology Bartender Kit

What better addition to a new home than a mini mixology kit!? Not only does this bartending kit have everything you need, but it’s aesthetically pleasing so it will look great on any countertop.

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Lowes Gift Card |

Lowes Gift Card

Whether they moved into a new home or a fixer-upper, homeowners always need to take trips to hardware stores so a gift card will be much appreciated!

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New Home Map Art |

New Home Map Art

This personalized home map art is a unique homeowner gift idea that they will cherish for years to come!

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Small Household Tool Kit |

Small Household Tool Kit

Especially for your less-than-handy friends, a small household tool kit will go a long way! From assembling furniture to hanging up wall art, this tool kit will definitely get it’s use!

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Personalized Door Mat |

Personalized Door Mat

Personalized gifts make for perfect and unique housewarming gift ideas and this custom door mat is no exception!

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'Simply Clean' Book |

‘Simply Clean’ Book

Having a new home can be overwhelming when you think about having to keep it cleaned and organized, but this Simply Clean book will help new homeowners navigate that with ease!

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